Friday, August 24, 2007

Update on first match

The Quad format was presenting challenges to the default templates in the ICCF webserver. CCLA proposed that we have two 2-OTB Club matches instead. This is better since it is simpler for both the TD and the OTB Clubs and players. After we get the kinks out we can always take a fresh look at match structures.

The team lineup is:
  • Punxsutawney CC vs. MetroWest CC
  • Greater Worcester CC vs. Sven Brask CC
After Labor Day, we'll get UConn and other teams online.

All Team Captains need to send in their rosters immediately via email to Jerry Honn of CCLA so he can construct the match on the ICCF websever. Team Captains also need to send in their $25 match fee ($6.25 per player) to Jerry Honn by post. Team Captains have been notified by email.

There is nothing else standing in the way of starting, beyond getting info and fees to Jerry.

CCLA will have links to crosstables online at the CCLA website (see link on the right column under "Resources"). Both players and the public will be able to follow the games live, minus 5 moves. The move delay will discourage the temptation to kibbitz. Remember, it is legal for players to use databases and books, but it is illegal to use chess playing/analysis engines, or other people to determine your moves.

I'll blog when the match starts.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sven Brask URL fix in Website

The URL for Sven Brask is fixed in the website, and is also given here:

Monday, August 20, 2007

We have ignition!

I was informed by CCLA tonight that everything is in order for the first match, and we can send in the entry fee to get started. Here are the details:

1st New Met League Match

  • Quad, 4 OTB Club teams
OTB Clubs in Quad (1 team of 4 players for each OTB Club), with Points of Contacts (POC):
  • Punxsutawney CC - Jason Smith
  • MetroWest CC - Harvey Reed (not playing)
  • Greater Worcester CC - Donna Alerie
  • Sven Brask CC - Eric Berkey
Time control:
  • 30 days / 10 moves
Entry Fee:
  • $25.00 per OTB Club ($6.25 per player)
  • Details sent in email to New Met League email list
Start date:
  • ASAP
  • I'll send a general announcement to everyone when the exact date is determined
  • Jerry will then send appropriate emails to players with complete instructions
Further Info:
  • Other OTB Clubs already in preparation like Univ of Conn CC or the Greater Worcester CC 2nd team, please continue assembling your rosters. Once we get going, everyone will have a chance to play. Look on the New Met League blog (right column) for other OTB Clubs we're in discussion with.
This will be a great match - good chess to all!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Met League Website Up

We have our website up and running with the first page:

Please contact me if you have ideas for contributing content.

Welcome to New Met League!

This blog is dedicated to updates and announcements of the New Met League. For background info on how all of this started, visit the "Correspondence Chess In Cyberspace" blog. That blog is dedicated to promoting hybrid activities of OTB and correspondence chess.