Thursday, September 20, 2007

Two Matches in progress - Games viewable

We have two matches running right now, on the ICCF webserver, where the sections are managed by CCLA.

The tournaments are viewable by the public:
NOTE: In the crosstables, you can see the games live minus 5 moves. Move your cursor over the crosstable entries (there is a small dot in each square that represents the game). Once your cursor is over the dot you should see it change since it is over a live link. Click to see the game (minus 5 moves).

You will notice that each match is a different format. The Punxsy/Sven match is an all-play-all format, and the GWCC/MetroWest match is a board by board match. Once we get player feedback we'll determine what format to use going forward. My money is on the board by board match format.

This weekend, I'll continue recruiting clubs. If your OTB Club is interested, please let me know.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Match #2!

MetroWest CC and Greater Worcester CC rosters are in, entry fees in or on the way, and Jerry is creating the section.

I'll post when it's up.

This is great!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Matches have Started!

As noted in the last post, the Quad format (board for board) proved to be challenging (based on ICCF templates) for the first round so Jerry (of CCLA) lined up the first two teams that sent in their entry fee in an all-play-all format. We are still waiting on Greater Worcester CC (GWCC) to send in their entry fee - Donna assures me it's on the way this weekend.

The first match is Punxsutawney CC vs. Sven Brask, all-play-all

This will be a good way to cut our teeth. Once GCWW has their entry fee in I believe the next match is MetroWest CC vs. GWCC.

After Labor Day, UConn CC and other Clubs will get their rosters in, and we can start a discussion about formats, sequencing of matches, etc so we can try to get a ladder put together. Ideally we should be able to structure matches toward a championship format.

CCLA has a webpage link for the matches:
CCLA homepage:
CCLA server page (top left link on homepage):
Link to Punxsy CC vs. Sven Brask CC (look toward bootom of CCLA server page):

Currently the public can only see the games when they are done, in the future we'd like to see the games with a five move delay.

This is great stuff, and after the initial matches we should be able to get to a good rythym!