Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good News

Two pieces of real good news:

1. The ADACT vs TROTS is about to start. To see who is playing, you can see everyone on a Google Map:

2. We are working on plans for a new CCLA "Web 2.0" style website, so we can handle these team matches and more. Look for updates in February/March timeframe. We are considering going Joomla, adding signup and pay over the website, etc.

Exciting times ahead! We've had to go slow on the Met League while we build up infrastructure...


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Idaho match is ready to go

The Idaho New Met League match between ADACT and TROTS is ready to start. In future blogs, we'll be highlighting the background of the organizers and players. Some of the players are well known chess organizers at the state level. One player played in the Denker during high school!

This match is a good outreach to OTB chess players in rural areas where chess is sparse.

Here is the lineup:
ADACT == ADA County
TROTS == The Rest Of The State

Paul M. Johnson Boise
Richard S. Vandenburg Boise
Jeffrey T. Roland Boise
James H. McGarvey Boise
Jim Stark Boise
Caleb Kircher Boise
Emily N. Patterson Meridian

Timothy J. O'Connor Kamiah
Garrett Reynolds Twin Falls
Barry D. Eacker Twin Falls
Jesse Benjamin Brent Moscow
Ian L. Szakacs Coeur d'Alene
Jay L. Simonson Idaho Falls
Adam Porth Bellevue

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About Idaho (by Richard S. Vandenburg):

  • Boise = largest city with over 200,000 people, and 400,000+ in the metro region.
  • State area = 83,557 sq. miles, 13th largest in the US.
  • Highest point = Mt. Borah at 12,662'.
  • Lowest point = Lewiston, 720', actually a port due to slack water from eight dams upstream from Portland, OR, for barges hauling wheat and other items down the Snake and Columbia rivers to the world beyond.
  • Home of the world famous Idaho Potato in eastern Idaho, Sun Valley, the Sawtooth Mountains, Shoshone Falls (higher than Niagara), many beautiful, large, northern Idaho lakes and, along with eastern Washington, the Palouse bread basket, where many types of grains are grown on beautiful, rolling hills.